Fountain of Freedom Ministries

Ministering Christís deliverance and breaking bondages through prayer while bringing inner healing.

What Christian leaders are saying about Fountain of Freedom Ministries…

Doris Wagner, Global Harvest Ministries

“I consider Araceli Alvarez a precious friend and co-laborer in the ministry of deliverance. Over the years I have watched her mature in the faith and seen God give her increasing authority to help bring others to spiritual freedom. She and Juanita Cobb make an effective team, and I would recommend Fountain of Freedom Ministries to anyone desiring release from spiritual bondages.”

Chuck D. Pierce, Glory of Zion Ministries

“I have known Araceli Alvarez for several years. She has heart to see freedom in others. May the Lord use her mightily in your life and church to bring many into freedom!”

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