Fountain of Freedom Ministries

Ministering Christís deliverance and breaking bondages through prayer while bringing inner healing.

About Us

Fountain of Freedom Ministries is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation registered in the state of California. We welcome your donations and all contributions are tax-deductible.

Araceli Alvarez


Araceli comes with an extensive background in witchcraft, the occult, and New Age. In her youth, she was groomed to become a high priestess in Santeria (an occultic religion). Since her conversion and subsequent deliverance, she has become one of the leading experts in the country on deliverance from witchcraft. She was mentored in deliverance for many years by Doris Wagner of Global Harvest Ministries and has a special anointing for delivering children. Araceli’s strong prophetic gifting and discernment are especially helpful as she prays deliverance. God has given her a tremendous level of spiritual authority, which is imperative in difficult deliverances.

Juanita Cobb

Assistant Director

Juanita has been working as a teammate with Araceli for a number of years. She, too, has a background in New Age and the occult. After her conversion and deliverance, God gave her a powerful anointing for ministry in intercession and spiritual warfare. Juanita has a strong gifting in the areas of wisdom, discernment, and leadership, and the Lord has graciously given her levels spiritual authority she has needed to accomplish His assignments.

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