Fountain of Freedom Ministries

Ministering Christís deliverance and breaking bondages through prayer while bringing inner healing.

How We Can Help

As Christians we are thankful for God’s grace, the atonement of sin, and the gift of eternal life which we received through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. However, some of us continue to struggle with sin issues, deep hurts, demonic oppression and difficulty in experiencing intimacy with our Lord. These bondages generally result from sin, unforgiveness, trauma, and generational curses which have been passed down to us by our ancestors.

Fountain of Freedom Ministries serves Christians who realize that they need help, have seen their own sin and are willing to repent, and are willing to forgive those who have hurt them in the past. Some of the people we pray for have experienced severe demonic oppression and harassment (sometimes even preventing them from sleeping). We are also seeing a growing number of people with various forms of addictions including sexual addictions and individuals who have witchcraft, occultism, and New Age in their backgrounds.

Prior to accepting an individual for deliverance prayer, we perform an assessment and seek God’s direction. We do not take the deliverance process lightly. It requires a great deal of preparation, and each deliverance prayer time is custom designed for the individual as we seek God’s plan for that prayer session. We also commit to walking with the individual through the healing process which may take up to a year.

This is the ministry to which we have been called. We never charge for our services.

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